Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is a group of real estate professionals that found selling houses is challenging, and we are here to help ease the burden. We created a solution where people will be comfortable selling their homes by creating a program like Calgary Sellers Solutions. We want to treat every home seller the best way possible for a stress-free home selling. We will simplify your biggest transaction, life’s greatest exchange of selling and owning your brand new home. We are real estate, innovation, and client experience specialists attempting to make the procedure quick, straightforward, and tranquil.

Calgary Sellers Solutions is currently able to purchase:

  • Single-family residential homes (detached, semi-detached, and non-condo townhomes), but not condo-apartments or condo-townhomes
  • Homes built after 1960
  • Homes worth between $250,000 and $600,000
  • Homes with three or more bedrooms above grade

You can find more information about the types of homes that Spitio is able to purchase here.

It’s completely up to you! We can close in as little as five days from when you accept our offer. If you need longer, that’s no problem. You can move out and close up to 45 days from when you accept our offer.

In most cases, our fees vary from 6.5-10%, with the current average being 8%. We charge these fees for us to take on the risk of reselling the home and to cover costs like repairs, cleaning, maintenance, utilities, insurance, taxes and the cost that you normally pay for the realtor like commission and staging costs, etc.

However in some cases that may not apply. Every home has its own unique features that need to be dealt with and also requires a different approach in order to sell. This is when we need to work with home owners to come up with a creative solution to sell their homes. Some of these

approach are rent-to-own, agreement for sale, looking for a joint venture partner and other innovative ways that will work best with every homes unique features.

Inspection is necessary before any purchase because Calgary Sellers Solutions wants to make sure that our offer reflects all vital information of the home. Once you accept the offer a free inspection by a licensed third party will be scheduled at your convenience.

Your home need not be vacated or empty, the inspectors just need to easy access to all the parts of the property. They will conduct a detailed inspection of the roof, foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems, and will note any items that need repair or replacement, or where they see evidence of mold or other problems.

  • Home selling should be simple and convenient, Calgary Sellers Solutions will help you:
  • Get a fair offer in days
  • No need to worry on repairs and other home selling activities
  • Choose your own move-out and close date
  • No double mortgage or housing overlap

Easy Steps in selling to Calgary Sellers Solutions:

  1. Request for an Offer – Fill-out your home details and contact information. Our team will get back to you in 24 hours to get your home’s vital features to determine the offer.
  2. Valuation – After an initial evaluation, our team will contact you within 48 hours for home valuation and to discuss the details.
  3. Home Inspection – A free home inspection will be scheduled by a third-party home inspector. If deficiencies are found the offer will be adjusted to account for the cost of repairs.
  4. Closing and Payment – A lawyer will guide you during the closing process, making sure you will be paid on time.


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